Which is more important for your business, Clicks or Calls?

SEMX revolutionizes Search Engine Marketing by moving SEM from clicks to inbound calls Our AI manages the call for the consumer and connects them to you when your on the line, no matter when that is. So you never miss an opportunity.

Real-time engagement
Improved conversion rates

10X Response at 1/10th the Cost

17.2% of consumers called and opted into text messaging.

Tested with 1000s of companies

We've tested SEMX for thousands of companies and consumers consistently engaged more often when offered AI assisted calling/texting to respond.

<span>Tested with 1000s of companies</span>

Your first SEMX campaign is on us

We're so confident you'll love the increased performance and ROI of SEMX your first month is free. After that rates are only $10.00 per inbound call. 1/10th the cost of a traditional SEM campaign.

<span>Your first SEMX campaign is on us</span>

Bonus Offer: HoldX

Do your sales, service or support lines suffer from long hold times? Watch for our newest innovation HoldX™.

With HoldX your customers and sales prospects will never wait on hold as our digital assistant does the waiting for them. Then automatically connects them when your team is ready.

Plus, each call is transcribed and scored for caller sentiment and satisfaction.

When you sign up for SEMX you're automatically eligible for 30 days free with HoldX when it goes live.

<span>Bonus Offer: HoldX</span>

"Higher conversions and improved customer satisfaction."

Vincent Garcia

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AI is disrupting every aspect of sales and marketing. SEMX is a natural evolution of SEM when AI changes the rules for consumer engagement.