Create a new revenue stream with one simple call to action.

Generate new revenue by converting your audiences into AI managed conversations for your clients by adding one call to action to your content.

Real-time engagement
Improved conversion rates

Think of it as a second byline

Got Questions? Connect with a live expert, 24/7.

How do you make money?

When consumers activate your AI concierge to connect them with an expert on their topic of interest you earn revenues from each connection. Companies select which topics they wish to support with an expert.

<span>How do you make money?</span>

We can even jump start your new revenue stream for you.

We have companies waiting to connect with consumers in a variety of sectors, such as legal, hospitality, and automotive.

<span>We can even jump start your new revenue stream for you.</span>

Bonus Offer: Even More Revenue

Do your clients sales, service or support lines suffer from long hold times?

With the same technology we can provide a call to action for your clients to remove wait times from their inbound calls.

Thus creating a new SAAS solution and revenues for you.

<span>Bonus Offer: Even More Revenue</span>

"Higher conversions and improved customer satisfaction."

Vincent Garcia

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AI is disrupting every aspect of publishing and media. The choice is yours, be disrupted or be the disrupter. With our AI calling concierge you can lead the charge and capture the spoils.